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Lane Creek Reserve

We purchased Lane Creek from the Wilson family in 2017, we continue to use same equipment, structures, systems and tools to keep much of our land as a working farm. It was important for us to enhance and preserve the land we purchased, but also think of the future and incorporate a structural foundation for generational success!
On a daily basis we manage about 90 animals for the purpose of fertility and harvest the manure from the ruminant animals and bring it out to our fields. We maintain a large flock of chickens and a handful of pigs to process all our personal food waste, and partner with local Organic Food programs to supply our animals with additional feed. We allow nature to be nature and admire the protected wildlife that roams through the property. Our orchards bare a sweet summer and fall season, and our berries make for perfect jams or compotes! We are a host farm for honey bees who are key pollinators and very influential to the entire system. Our first season we had a very successful vegetable harvest and foresee as we repair and build a stronger soil foundation, we will have very bountiful varieties for years to come. As a farm we do not buy any commercial inputs from the grow store, and use no pesticides, or herbicides on the property. We are working toward a "closed loop system". Through integrity and commitment, we as land owners and proud growers pride ourselves by our practices and compassion for the land, and what it gives us back in return.

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Our Grow Style

We grow in Hugelkulture berms set on contour for water retention. We layer carbon and let the biodiversity of the soil do the work for us. We companion plant with an amalgam of different bio accumulators to hold the fertility in place. Permaculture and Hugelkulture creates a rich and living soil and although we are not certified organic, our practices and agricultural footprint have set a healthy foundation for creating life and more importantly an environmentally sound growing space. Our growing style although rare, is becoming more and more recognized. We as a farm, are committed to supporting Bio-diversity and rejuvenating the land back to what it once was. In order to build and maintain a healthy ecosystem, it requires a commitment to not disturb the soil life. We understand the importance of creating a polyculture where diverse plant species work in collaboration with one another to achieve their highest potential as food and medicine.
We have learned and co-inhabited these practices from our cousin’s farm, Green Source Gardens. GSG is widely known and respected in the industry! They are winners of the Regenerative Farm Award at the Emerald Cup, are featured speakers and known visionaries in the Canna movement. Daniel is a part owner of Green Source Gardens and was on the team who set the foundation for the initial growth and expanding vision of this farm. Our cousin Nick and his wife Elizabeth are highly known as front runners for their boutique cannabis flower, and more importantly known for their farming and environmental practices.