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We produce the highest quality hemp flower while cultivating healthy soils and a thriving ecosystem, regenerating our land and serving our community.

Our Soils

We grow our hemp regeneratively, adding nutrients and biodiversity back into the soil for a sustainable future of farming. We incorporate hugelkultur beds, mulch, our animal manure, honey bees and polyculture into our growing methods to cultivate a healthy living ecosystem

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  • Crude 5mg/cc Syringe Lane Creek Hemp Co

    Crude 5mg/cc Syringe

    Full Spectrum Crude has a naturally dark appearance and is best kept cool.

    Our crude oil can be blended, added to warm or cold food and beverage or can be combined with any oil based product.

    Sun grown in the epic Rogue Valley, this crude is a fantastic way to enjoy the full benefits, terpenes and flavonoids of our plants, simply in a more isolated state.

    With your order you will receive a full third party compliance analysis which includes a genetic, CBD/THC potency and terpene review.

    * Product picture is 5mg/cc and contains roughly 3,315 mg of CBD

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  • Paws 300mg CBD Full Spectrum Lane Creek Hemp Co


    Lane Creek Hemp Company has a dedicated line for your four legged friends! 

    Our Full Spectrum Hemp Extract is specifically designed to aid with anxiety, inflammation & pain relief, and has an enticing natural fish oil flavor!  Add to food or water to help with easy digestion. 300mg per bottle.


    • HAVE YOU BEEN LOOKING FOR CERTIFIED DEMPURE, TRUSTWORTHY, HEALING CBD TINCTURES?! …the most impressive is their tincture for pets Paws! 🐶
      Our little Yorkie has debilitating allergies, that causes her little body to be so painfully inflamed all the time. She had relief straight for at least a month! We did end up having to go get the Caddy shot but it will reduce her visits for this by half so far!
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  • Calm 1000mg CBD Full Spectrum Lane Creek Hemp Co


    Keep Calm & Breathe with Lane Creek Hemp Company’s Full Spectrum Hemp Extract! 

    Designed to help you relax and decompress with 1000mg per bottle, infused with Passion Flower and Lemon Balm to soothe the nerves and help you unwind. It achieves this by increasing the level of gamma Aminobutyric acid (GABA) in the brain. GABA has a calming effect on the brain.  This formula can be taken orally or added to any food or beverage.


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  • Relief 1500mg CBD Full Spectrum Lane Creek Hemp Co


    Formulated to reduce pain, inflammation & tension with our strongest formula at 1500mg per bottle.

    Infused with a combination of California Poppy & Ginger. Poppy promotes relaxation, ease of nerve pain, muscle tension and agitation. Ginger, is known as a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, and helps build your immunity!  This powerful combination is a team favorite at Lane Creek Hemp Co, and we are excited to be able to share it with you! This formula can be taken orally or added to any food or beverage.


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I woke up with 90% less pain, and the taste of the tincture was very pleasant! Not Yucky, Gaggy like most I have tried. I am going to take more tonight them try to dose during the day over the weekend, but so far, I LOVE IT!!!! I think the dosage being higher makes a huge difference because the stuff I had before didn’t touch my pain, only helped with sleep. I am really excited about this!!!! THANK YOU!!!

Anonymous review of Relief 1500 MG


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