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Trucker Hat

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  • Lane Creek Hemp Co Rain Cloud Trucker Hat

    Rain Cloud

    This strong snap-back has a classic black & white combo. The pop of color represents the hard, soft and fertile environment of Lane Creek Hemp Co.

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  • Lane Creek Hemp Co Foliar Trucker Hat


    This custom cap is one of a kind! Breaking the mold of our embroidery company’s practices, we worked with our design team to off set the LCHC stamp!

    With all our products, we push for a unique and lasting impression all while providing top quality.

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  • Lane Creek Hemp Co Mulch Trucker Hat


    A key element in our daily practices, Mulch is worn with pride.  With so many contributions to the fertile makeup, Mulch provides warmth, protection and creates a sanctuary for the living!

    This hat is a true statement in its self!

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  • Lane Creek Hemp Co Carbon Trucker Hat


    The foundation of our cultivation methods, this hat fully represents the way of life at LCHC.

    The Carbon is broken down by the soil life, and is transformed into our lush soil.

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  • Lane Creek Hemp Co Mycelium Trucker Hat


    Known as the network connector, Mycelium is a key component in our practices!

    Our Mycelium trucker cap is strong, and designed to attract the people we need to continue to grow!

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