Daniel Richardson

CEO & Managing Partner
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Daniel Richardson was born and raised in Denver Colorado and has been an outdoorsman since birth.  As a young man, Daniel was always intrigued with Geography, Science and the Outdoors.

Daniel attended one semester at Colorado Mountain College, before moving into the land management trade.  Starting at an Organic farm in Northern California, animal husbandry and biodynamic gardening really got the gears moving for him.   Summers at the farm, and winters traveling, his skill set broadend.  In 2009, Daniel began working as a foreman who was responsible for the safety and integrity of the rail crew, his team broke ground and installed one of Denver’s first light rail systems.  With offers to continue in the world of rail construction, Daniel choose to head west to Jacksonville Oregon, to join forces with his cousin Nick and his wife Elizabeth as an owner and member of Green Source Gardens team. Today, Daniel oversees all activities at Lane Creek Reserve, and is the major visionary behind the many moving parts . As the Director of Operations and Managing Partner, Daniel is consistently creating habitat in corners of the property to support new functional elements in the farm’s ever growing ecosystem, and to ensure the safekeeping and happiness of our 90+ animals. Regardless of the task, Daniel is known for installing and maintaining the acres of fencing or fabricating any number of parts needed around the farm.  From sunup to sundown, he works hard to ensure that the foundational systems created can bare all that will be built on it.

Daniel Richardson

CEO & Managing Partner

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