Lara Richardson

Comptroller / Managing Partner
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Lara Richardson was born and raised in Denver Colorado.  As the oldest, Lara took on a mothering role once Daniel was born, a proud big sister you can say.  Wanting to grow up and be like her mother, Lara took pride in her work life at a young age and landed her first leadership role at 16.

As a young adult, New York City became home for this dedicated professional, and getting to the top of her industry as a Catering & Events specialist was her mission.  Year over year, Lara built her book of memorable events and top tier clients, all while remained very connected to her roots in Colorado.  When Joan and Daniel proposed the family farm, Lara was fully on board and excited to bring her knowledge of hospitality, marketing, sales, innovative culinary treats and overall plan management to the farm!  In 2018, Lara and life partner Joel welcomed their first child.  Leonie is the first born generation in the Rogue Valley and with the passion of her grandmother, visionary outlook from her uncle Dan, gentle and warm compassion and smile from her father and of course her drive and high expectations of her mother, she has the foundation to carry on our family legacy!

Daniel Richardson

Director of Operations / Managing Partner

Lara Richardson

Comptroller / Managing Partner

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