Zachary Comegys

Crop Manager
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Hailing from different dimensions in the middle of the country, Zachary and Crystal were both guided to the majestic Northern California coast, Crystal as a chef and Zachary as a farmer, where they met just after the turn of the century.

They began working on a project they called Living Earth! To better understand their individual and collective relationship with the living world around them. This pursuit helped them set down deep roots in a vibrant and deeply loving Mendocino coast community and travel the world living and learning from other people, cultures, and indigenous communities, in ways they might engage in more meaningful connection and relationship within this life. They got hitched swaying under the Redwoods surrounded by their incredibly supportive community and welcomed Sekoyah soon after. With a new dynamic and renewed purpose the three of them continued seeking ways to create and manifest positive expression into the world. Their journey has led them on to new possibilities in the Rogue River Valley.

We are overwhelmed with gratitude and excitement at the opportunity to write a new story in Southern Oregon,share our experiences, and support the vision of Lane Creek Reserve.

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Zachary Comegys

Crop Manager

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